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Hi Moms and Caretakers!

I'm excited to start a monthly Mom's Art + Chat meetup!

If you'd like to receive email updates & notifications about when and where the next meetup is, please fill out the form below. 

Ideally, this meetup is just for moms. This is an invitation to invest time in yourself and carve out some time that's just for you. Moms are told we cannot take care of others without filling up our own cup, but this is easier said than done. We desperately need time to recharge. I wanted to create a time and space for moms to take time for themselves and chat, maybe do some art or doodle, or even just hang out. 

If you know you are going to attend, please register if you can. It will help inform me on amounts of art supplies to bring. Feel free to bring your own art or craft supplies, or you can use mine. If you plan on using my supplies and have the resources, a donation towards supplies is appreciated. The request is $5.00 per meetup.

(You can Venmo to: @chirpandmoo)

Please reach out if you have any questions!


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Thank you!

About your host:
Hi, my name is Anne and I am a mom and an artist. I am originally from outside of Chicago. I understand the difficulties of beginning a family far away from your roots. I have moved more than once in my life to places where I didn't know a soul. I wanted to create this meetup because I believe that moms need support from other moms. 

You can learn more about me through my art here:  

Chirp and Moo
Tiny Love Letters

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