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Art Classes

We bring the Magic to YOU!

Art Camp Co Mobile Classes

We bring the Invitation to Create to your backyard! Our mobile classes can be  a single two hour class (like a Birthday Party!) or up to a 10 week session. We bring the expertise, tools, and art supplies.

We focus on the doing and the making instead of the finished piece. Students are encouraged to ask questions, develop ideas, and try something new! 


Our classes incorporate nature, math, music, movement, and teamwork -- along with some good old basic play.

Class Size: Up to 6 children.

Age: 5 years and up.

Class Length: 2 hours. Teacher will arrive 15 minutes early for set up and stay 15 minutes after for clean up.
Class Frequency: Once, or up to a 10 week session.

Pricing: Depends on class size. Please see FAQ for price breakdown.

Mobile Art Class.jpg
  • What age are mobile classes for?
    We offer mobile art classes for ages 5 and up. All children in class need to be within 1 ½ years of each other.
  • How many kids can I have in class?
    There is a maximum of 6 students at this time.
  • How long are mobile class sessions?
    Mobile classes are two and a half hours long. You can book just one class or up to a 10 week session, depending on availability.
  • What types of projects can I expect?
    We are constantly developing new projects and process art concepts! Students will use a variety of art making activities, including but not limited to: painting, drawing, collaging, sculpting, beading, and more. We plan developmentally appropriate curriculum based on your group's age range, and make sure we're bringing new, awesome materials and tools for the kids to use and explore for their projects.
  • When do you offer classes?
    As long as we have the availability, we can schedule mobile classes Monday - Saturday, 9:30am to 5pm.
  • How long are mobile classes?
    Classes are two hours long. Your teacher will arrive 15 mins early to set up, and stay 15 mins after class to clean up.
  • Can you do a class in my area?
    We travel all over the Denver area for mobile classes, and will work to find the best time for you based on our teachers' current schedules.
  • How much are mobile classes?
    Pricing depends on class enrollment: 6 kids: $30/class/child 5 kids: $36/class/child 4 kids: $45/class/child 3 kids: $60/class/child 2 kids: $90/class/child 1 child: $180/class/child ***Please contact us for Scholarship information!
  • Want to be a mobile class host?
    Here's what we need from a mobile class host: A large shaded outdoor area that's ok to get messy. If not shaded, please provide a large umbrella, tent or awning. Table(s) and chairs to comfortably accommodate your class. Access to a sink or hose. Clear and open communication with us about relevant infomation such as: class size, age range of students, cancellations, etc.
  • Tell me about your Covid-19 Precautions
    Class size: we have decreased our maximum class size from 8 to 6 until further notice. Face coverings: Teachers will be wearing a mask at all times. All adults and children are required to wear a mask while in the class area. Cleaning & Sanitation: Teachers clean and sanitize the art materials and tools before and after each class, and are equipped with hand wipes and cleaning materials to use during class. Class Location: All mobile classes will be held outdoors until further notice. In case of rain or inclement weather, we will cancel (postpone) class instead of moving indoors.

Interested in booking a mobile class?

Please fill out the form below or send us an email here:

Thanks! We will be in touch shortly!

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